ROCK n ROLL RIBS BBQ, Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden, Coral Springs Florida, Baby Back Ribs
Like the title says….”Where BBQ Meets Metal”

Combining 30 years of Rock n Roll experience with a life-long love for BBQ!     

“Rock n Roll Ribs”

Rock N Roll Ribs satisfies two great passions….food and music, and what tastes better then BBQ and Rock n Roll? Rock n Roll Ribs concentrates on a simple yet exciting high quality menu of both, see.
• FOOD:   BBQ…of course, specializing on our award winning Baby Back Ribs and signature sauces.
• MUSIC: You guessed it….Rock n Roll!!!….you wont hear any lame, piped-in Musak nonsense here, see. Nothing but the best timeless Rock n Roll.
• ATMOSPHERE:   One word…..Wild and Fun.... ok that was two words. Picture yourself, center stage at a rock show….guitars, walls of amps, drums lights music and then…. The best BBQ you’ve ever tasted…pretty cool huh??  No having to buy a ticket, or “know a friend” to get backstage, see …everyone is a VIP!
The Men Behind The Mayhem

This man needs no  introduction, but lets give him one anyway see.......................
Nicko McBrain AKA, "The Rhythm of the Beast", is the legendary drummer for the greatest metal band of all time IRON MAIDEN! For over 25 years Nicko has traveled the globe playing sold out arenas, selling millions of albums and creating some of the most influential music to date. Nicko brings his vast musical knowledge and powerful name to  Rock n Roll Ribs. Now, don’t think Nicko doesn’t know BBQ, see …..In his travels, Nicko has dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world, and although he appreciates a $200 plate of  “Tartar of Kobe beef with Imperial Beluga Caviar and Belons oyster” with a $400 bottle of 1975 “Chateau Palmer”, he prefers a fall-off-the bones, sticky rack of ribs and a bottle of Corona…. Yeah see…  So, Nicko not only brings his impressive name and experience to the mix but a passion for great BBQ.  Oh yeah…this guy is an absolute character too, life of the party is an understatement, this guy IS the party, see!

Our other partner 'Mitch Tanne'
Has known Nicko for over 20 yrs... Golf mate & family friend.
Mitch has toured and played with many artists since the 80's.
He's even recorded a cd with Nicko, and still plays in a local R&R band.
Mitch has also owned and operated a very successful wholesale grocery business for more than 25 yrs. His enduring passion and knowledge for music, food and BBQ makes him the best possible partner for Rock n Roll Ribs.

ROCK n ROLL RIBS BBQ, Nicko McBrain, Iron Maiden, Coral Springs Florida, Baby Back Ribs

4651 State rd 7 (us441),
Coral Springs FL, 33073

954.345.RIBZ  (7429)

Sun -Thur: 11am - 9pm
Fri & Sat: 11am - 10pm